Veyer" Airborne Scanner

Veyer" Airborne Scanner

"Veyer" Airborne Scanner - optical scanning complex.


The scanner is designed to image the surface in the infrared part of spectrum with high resolution to isolate low-contrast and small objects. Scanning takes place from the AN-30 at the height of 3000 meters.

Engineering data

Number of data channels 4
Instant visual angle 0.215 mrad
Full scan angle 60o
Noise-equivalent temperature difference at 300 K, NEDT 0.1 К
Spectral range 8-11μm
Power consumption 24V, 640W
Cooling infrared sensors Cryocooler
Scanner LWH 460х570х350 mm
Scanner control unit LWH 600х550х500 mm
Scanner control unit LWH with extended monitor 1100х550х500 mm
Scanner weight 40 kg
Weight of scanner control unit 75 kg
Temperature range from -50 ° C to +50 ° C