The flight tests of the EAGLE scanning complex

The flight tests of the EAGLE scanning complex were fulfilled carried out in order to check the stability of the equipment under conditions of increased vibration and mechanical overloads, as well as to check the performance of the updated Scaner control software. In the course of the flight tests and the subsequent ground-based performance check, the equipment of the complex worked steadily, the tests were successful.

Test flights

Successful test flights with flight performance testing of airborne scanners with renovated scanning control modules completed.Testing shown sound performance of equipment during flight with high-quality output data.

Летные испытания модернизированного сканирующего комплекса EAGLE

В рамках программы модернизации осуществлен монтаж и испытательные полеты сканирующего комплекса EAGLE на самолете типа Ан-30 в Республике Беларусь. Летные испытания модернизированного аппаратно-программного комплекса показали его годность к коммерческому использованию.