System "Teploskan"

System "Teploskan"

The «TeploScan» system is an opto-electronic scanning complex, working in the infrared.


The «TeploScan» system is designed to detect micro-cracks in the wheels, trucks and rail cars frames and determines failures of brake system and axle units.

Technical parameters of the system

Spectral range 8-12 μm
IFOV 2 arcmin.
Angle of field view 8.5 град.
Number of sensors 2
Sensor to - object of observation- distance 7-14 m
Sensor resolution at 7 m distance to object 4 mm
Number of survey points 256
Temperature sensitivity 0.1 K
Warm-up time 6 min
Continuous working time max 8 hours
Cooling system active; Cryocooler
Temperature measurement range from -23 ° C to +100 ° C