"Panorama" system

"Panorama" system

"Panorama" system - a scanner operating in the infrared.


The system is designed to detect low-contrast objects in a wide viewing angle and to detect and track airborne targets (aircraft, helicopter, and missile) at a distance of 27 km.

The system visually displays the panorama of the thermal scanning angle in a continuous mode with information updated every 2 seconds.

The device was tested in field conditions in 2005.

Technical parameters of the system

Spectral range 7-12 μm
Vertical field of view
Azimuth field of view 80°
IFOV 0.26 mrad
Update period 2 sec
Mode session
Continuous working time not less than 6 h
Deployment time 6 min
Temperature range от +60° С до -40° С
IR receivers cooling system Cryocooler