Russia's innovative engineering company, core competence of which is remote exploration of the earth in order to delineate and search for hydrocarbon deposits. The results of the analysis performed by CST JSC allow companies to cut the costs of geophysical studies up to 7-9 times and also to choose a rational strategy of developing licensed areas and concessions for extracting mineral resources. Among our other lines of business are engineering of optical and electronic instrumentation and monitoring of engineering facilities to identify technological defects and anomalies.



Instrument Engineering



Stock company "Center for Science-Intensive Technologies" provides for remote exploration of the earth, diagnostics of engineering structures, as well as non-destructive testing of engineering structures to monitor their technical condition. 


The company is engaged in the development and implementation of optoelectronic tools, offering remote diagnostics and monitoring of various objects in the optical and infrared spectrum.

The method of remote sensing and optoelectronic tools, developed by CST JSC received over 20 positive reviews from the scientific community and customers. 



                                      Satellite Land Sat - 7 is specified in the presentation video



proposed to conduct the licensed area’s (LA) independent audit.

«The Earth remote sensing for the purpose of anomaly contour revealing and fixing, associated with the hydrocarbon accumulation signs».

The audit, mentioned above, is necessary for optimal process design of the exploration work, to reduce in value and to reduce the conduction period.   The oil-and-gas content audit is indispensable to estimate the LA investment attractiveness and availability. 











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