Nondestructive testing

Nondestructive testing

OJCS “CST” developed optoelectronics instruments and systems for implementation of nondestructive testing on the railroad transport objects. The most interesting became development of freight rail cars wheels pairs thermovision testing system “Teploscan” and speed data acquisition system “BLIK” for contact wire image recording. The systems were tested and utilized on the objects of Moscow Railroad.

"Teploscan" system

TeploScan” is optoelectronics scanning system utilizing far infrared part of spectrum.


The «TeploScan» system is designed to detect micro-cracks in the wheels, trucks and rail cars frames and determines failures of brake system and axle units.

Technical parameters of the system

Spectral range 8-12 μm
IFOV 2 arcmin.
Angle of field view 8.5 degrees
Number of sensors 2
Sensor to - object of observation- distance 7-14 m
Sensor resolution at 7 m distance to object 4 mm
Number of survey points 256
Temperature sensitivity 0.1 K
Warm-up time 6 min
Continuous working time max 8 hours
Cooling system active; Cryocooler
Temperature measurement range from -23 ° C to +100 ° C

"BLIK" system

"BLIK" system - electro-optical scanning complex.


The "BLIK" system is designed for remote diagnostics of the contact wire in a railway power network from aboard moving railcar laboratory. The system is mounted on the railcar and allows to measure the average wear of contact wire and to identify places of local high wear at rates up to 110 km / h.

The system is in operation on Moscow railroad (OJSC "RZD" affiliated company) since 2006.

Engineering data

Spectral range 400-900 nm
Sensor format 2 x 5150 elements
Measurement accuracy 0.3 mm
Horizontal measuring range 1300 mm
Vertical measuring range 1100 mm
Longitudinal resolution 30 mm (at 108 km / h)
Recording speed 1000 lines/s
Warm-up time (max) 3 min
Car speed up to 108 km/h
Continuous scanning time up to 6 hours
Temperature range from -40 ° C to +60 ° C

OJSC "CST" solutions utilized for development of nondestructive resting instruments are patented in Russia.

Patent №2260534

"Method of diagnosing faults in railway car wheels bogies"

Patent №2264930

"Method of diagnosing local wear of railway train contact supply system"

Patent №2291066

"Method of optical monitoring of wear of contact wires"