Seismic exploration localization and planning

At the license area, the Eagle multizone scanner performs aerial surveys. Then the survey results are subject to thematic processing by the Digitizer software.

The Eagle scanning allows to perform a comprehensive image analysis of the license area using 24 parameters. That' is why there is no risk of detecting other reserves (ex. water) than hydrocarbons. Unlike satellite images, the image obtained from the aircraft, the most informative.

As a result of processing, the customer receives coordinate-bound contours of hydrocarbon deposits. It is possible to estimate resources in categories D1 and P3.

On the basis of data obtained, the customer localizes areas for seismic exploration. It makes possible to significantly reduce time and, if it is necessary, optimize the costs of seismic research.

  • Service rendering terms 4-6 months, aerial work is carried out in the summer-fall period
  • Service cost from $ 500 / km. sq.
  • Results coordinate-bound contours of hydrocarbon reserves